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Solutions 4 Plumbing's Terms, Conditions & Prices

Current rates — no VAT payable on labour rates! I have some larger projects spread over the coming few months, but always have space & time for smaller tasks. I am looking to book in other major projects for summer/autumn as it gives time to plan with you to make sure you get exactly what you want AND what will work best; no compromises!


Free estimate/assessment visit - I like to come assess & discuss any work you require as it gives me & you a good idea of what actually needs doing; no 'over the phone' guessing & costing!

If work is carried out on my visit or once work time is arranged, pricing is as follows ‹ charges range form £35 for 30-45 minutes to £45 if up to an hour plus any materials required to carry out the task. Any extra time is £20 per hour after that. Saturday rates 9:30-1 - £50 plus materials. Sunday 10-1 £60 plus materials. However, if I offer these times to come carry out a task, I discount these rates!


Daily rate for larger work;

Price range £150-£190 depending on type/complexity of the task (i.e. maintenance work, tap changing etc or floor & large wall bathroom tiling or central heating/radiator installs). Higher rate if for example, tiling or more complex tasks, plus any materials. For larger tasks, I will produce a ‘Work plan’ which clearly sets out what I will do for you & how long it will take plus material costs & labour.


I always use high quality materials as know it means they are long lasting & quicker to fit/use! Maybe slightly more, but experience shows worth it! However, I will fit items you supply, but cannot guarantee them in same way; it does still cover my work/fitting though.


I always keep you informed of how work is progressing & if any changes are likely. I always like to discuss/inform you what work being carried out or is required as it goes along.


Emergency call-out rate: 7am - 9am & after 7pm - 11:30pm or after 4:30pm Saturday or Sunday after midday — £65 plus any materials required.

I will travel across Norfolk, though dependent on your postcode, there may be a small charge for mileage over 30 miles 1 way. You will be informed of this when you call/request a visit.



Terms & Conditions for solutiuons4plumbing.

  • 1. Quotations/estimates.
  • 1.1 All Prices quoted are valid for 28 days from the date of stated on the quotation. (Many merchants’ price quotes I may obtain (used for items/baths/WC/showers etc) are only valid for 28-30 days).
  • 1.2 Where you are unsure about any of the information supplied in a quotation, please contact to discuss further as I will work with you to explain any element you are unsure of.
  • 1.3 If you require a further breakdown of your quotation please contact me and I will try where possible to clarify the costs quoted.
  • 1.4 The price quoted does not include removing any dangerous waste material i.e. asbestos. This will be subject to an extra charge. This will be quoted for separately. All asbestos removal will be removed in accordance with current regulations, using a controlled environment.
  • 1.5 Should you accept a quotation, I will require written or verbal confirmation before confirming a start date with you. This can take the form of email as well as text.
  • 1.6 As stated on the work plan (which is the quotation/estimate), costs may vary due to unforeseen circumstances, but I will always discuss these/keep you informed of any variation that may be required.
  • 2. Variations to Agreement
  • 2.1 Where quotations are given, the price will remain at the agreed price unless additional work is requested by you OR where I have uncovered unforeseen issues; those which have not been reasonably possible to determine, before work has started. In all such circumstances, all costs will always be discussed and agreed upon between you and myself, in writing if required, before any work is undertaken.
  • 2.2 Where I require information from you or need to check any issues that may arise during any work & you are not contactable, (or we cannot agree a satisfactory resolution to the issue), I reserve the right or you may ask me to, cease any further work & leave until we can discuss & resolve the issue at hand. This is to ensure that all of the work being undertaken will have been made clear & you will know what is being done, therefore ensuring you end up with the best finish to any task.
  • 3. Time frames
  • 3.1 Wherever possible I will provide you with a date and time, when work will be undertaken. Through the work plan, I will also try to give a best guess at timings for tasks; I will keep you informed of variations to this OR you are encouraged to ask/discuss during the job/task if you wish.
  • 3.2 Please be aware that where I envisage unexpected delays, through no direct fault of my own, I will advise you of this as soon as it is reasonable possible to do so. I cannot be responsible for external suppliers delays or hold ups with delivery of materials from other sources/suppliers. I will always liaise to sort any problems/hold ups, unless you have ordered the items in question.
  • 3.3 If I fail to meet appointment times and dates, as a direct result of my lack of service to you, I will take wherever steps are reasonable in the circumstances to mitigate any detriment caused and make up time allowance to complete the task.
  • 3.4 If, for whatever reason you are unable to keep the arranged appointment date or have to reschedule, I ask you do so as soon as is reasonably possible. I may impose reasonable charges for costs incurred as a direct result of not being able to carry out works as agreed.
  • 4. Payment terms
  • 4.1 Dependant on what the task/job is & the length of time it will require, I will request an initial payment of between 30-50% of the total quote/estimate on the day work starts. The amount will depend on the amount of large items that may be required to purchase such as baths/shower cubicles etc. Smaller part or 1 day jobs will require payment upon completion.
  • 4.2 For larger/longer jobs over 1-2 weeks, I may request further payment to cover costs of larger items ordered from suppliers for example – this will be invoiced separately and will detail exactly the items ordered & the supplier. A detailed receipt will be given & full record of these payments will be taken account of on final invoice.
  • 4.3 I require final/complete payment upon satisfactory of completion of the work. You will receive an invoice from me confirming payment due and a full receipt upon me receiving payment.
  • 4.4 Cheques are to be made payable to Julian Phelps -- BACS payments can be made to: HSBC bank Account number: AVAILABLE upon request Sort code: AVAILABLE upon request Cash also accepted & all payments receive full itemised receipt.
  • 5. General Responsibilities and Information
  • 5.1 Please remove any personal possessions and items from working areas. Where possible I will inform you of the need to remove objects however, the responsibility rests with you to protect your property, though I will take all care to protect all areas I will be working in. The time frames for work does not include clearing items expected to be moved prior to work commencing. If I am concerned about items that may be in the area, I will discuss with you removal to enable works to continue safely and with no damage to your property. In cases where damages have arisen as a direct result of my negligence, I will work with you to resolve the issue.
  • 5.2 At all times I carry out work with reasonable care and skill and expertise. However, my work may bring me into contact with existing pipe work, fittings, controls components or wiring. Every care is taken to reduce any chance of damage to these, though I cannot be held liable for any damage that may be pre-existing or caused as a result of my working in the area, unless it can be proven the damage has been caused as a direct result of my negligence. I will of course, discuss/inform you of any problems that may arise & take a reasonable approach to resolving any issues.
  • 5.3 (as in 5.2 above) I will assess all tasks undertaken & use professional judgement in undertaking tasks will not create any problems, however, I cannot be held responsible for damage, which develops in old systems as a result of undertaking a processing unless it can be proven the damage has been caused as a direct result of our negligence. I will of course take a reasonable approach to resolving any issues.
  • 5.4 In certain circumstances I may find it necessary to remove floor coverings. I will notify you of this in the workplan or during the works if it becomes necessary. Before uplifting carpets or removing floorboards I take all reasonable steps to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. I ask you advise us if you are not happy for us to carry out such work. The responsibility rests with you to employ an alternative contractor. Please be aware this may delay completion of our work. We ask you to notify us before we commence work if this is likely to be the case.
  • 5.5 (as in 5.4 above) I cannot be held responsible for damage caused to chimney stacks, roof tiles etc. which I may come into contact with, whilst undertaking my work. Unless it can be proven the damage has been caused as a direct result of my negligence. I will of course take a reasonable approach to resolving any issues.
  • 6. Guarantees
  • 6.1 I provide a 12 month warranty on all workmanship undertaken by myself. Where there may be a fault with materials, which have been supplied by you (the customer) I cannot be held responsible for any product defects unless it can be shown the fault has occurred as a direct result of my negligence.
  • 6.2 Where a product guarantee is supplied with a manufacturers guarantee and as part of the guarantee you are required to service, maintain or carry out a particular action to retain this guarantee, I cannot be held responsible for the products performance or failure if you have failed to comply with this requirement.
  • 6.3 Where a product guarantee is supplied with a manufacturers guarantee this information will be made clear upon purchase of item & I will provide all the documentation that comes with the item. It will usually set out -- who supplies the guarantee, what it covers, how long it is for and how the guarantee is registered. Most manufacturers require the installer (me) to fill in 1 part of the registration, but it remains the responsibility of the consumer to register/send off any manufacturer guarantees.



Customer Charter

It is my intention as a business, to provide an excellent service for an honest price. I will endeavour to ensure I meet your expectations at all times however there may be occasion where you are not happy with an element of the service I have provided you with.


If this is the case, please discuss with me & I will try and work with you to rectify any problem where possible. I aim to respond to all issues/complaints within 2 days. Once I have investigated your complaint thoroughly and if I agree the issue is as a direct result of mine, I will advise you of what action I will take, which is appropriate in the circumstances. I aim to complete any action required within 28 days.


Should you still not be satisfied with the proposed resolution or if you are still unhappy with my service, I would invite you to contact the Ombudsman Service who would be able to conciliate between us to find a satisfactory conclusion.


Insurance and Certificates

Solutions4plumbing has /I have public liability insurance up to £2 million. Should you require details of this policy please ask and I will gladly provide you with a copy.


Contact Us

Please feel free to contact me regarding any of my services using the following details:


1 The Paddock, Beetley, Dereham, Norfolk, NR20 4BU

01362 860933

0794 931 2569